Saturday, June 28, 2008

She's Got Aim!!!

Today, along with moving into the 4th round at the Championships at Wimbledon, Venus Williams set a new record serve of 127 mph. The fastest serve ever by a female. She did it on the last point of the match to finish off Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez. Venus joins her sister in the round of 16. I gotta say, Venus looks really good and Id love to see her add another trophy to her mantle.

Bruce Weber and USA Swimming?? Oh YEAH!!!

I have been following as much press for the Trials as I can. Don't bother with, they are really hit and miss with their coverage so far. Best to check out Great coverage with interviews, pictures and videos.
I did review the media guide for the Trials which is posted at Interesting, but I would like to make one recommendation. In an effort to increase the market share that the sport of swimming captures, how about Bruce Weber shooting the Men's (and Womens if you have to) media guide and perhaps some video as well? I mean, Bruce, if youre out there, maybe you just skip over USA Swimming and put a book together of the swimmers yourself? Ive got two words for you "RYAN LOCHTE". I mean honestly! with that mug and a great butt shot, a million copies sold!
The guy is entered in 9 events this week so we can all but guarantee seeing more of this guy next month in China.
Other bodies ... I mean names from the Men's National Team to watch this week are Aaron Piersol, Ricky Berens, and Ben Wildman-Tobriner, just to name a few.
Bruce, seriously, think about it!

Olympic Trials

So, this is the eve of the Olympic Swimming Trials in Omaha, Nebraska. I promise not to spend too much time "Qwestioning" that decision. I have to say that I am really looking forward to seeing some fast swimming and some crushing of world records.
I want to say Congratulations to everyone competing in the Trials. Since this meet will most likely be the fastest competition in the world this year, even faster than the Olympics themselves, everyone in Omaha should be really proud of their achievements to date.
As for the National Team members, get out there and kick some ass!
Best of luck to everyone!!

Keep Dorthy and Toto Away from Nebraska and the Olympic Swimming Trails

Bad weather during the summer in the mid-west?! Let me put on my surprise face. I hope Dorthy can keep her whirling dervish storms away from the Olympic Swimming Trails which are being held in the Big O. No, not as in Oprah. Big O as in Omaha, Nebraska.

I mean, honestly, they just plop down these port-Olympic pool just anywhere now days. There kinda like those fishing expo eighteen wheelers with glass sides filled with swimming catfish that drive from Wal-marts to K-marts to church revivals.

If you get to choose which parking lot or stadium to turn into water world, should you put it in Tornado Ally?