Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Doubln' Down

So the toughest double of the meet is set-up for tomorrow. Ryan "lover" Lochte will compete in the men's 200 backstroke and 200 IM tomorrow and go for gold. Standing in his way are Aaron Peirsol and Michael Phelps respectively.

I think he would go faster if he swam naked!

Another Triumph for Relay Star!!!

Jason Lezak, who swam the fastest anchor leg in history on the end of the 4 x 100 free relay, is able to capture his first individual Olympic medal!

Lezak tied for Bronze in the men's 100 freestyle! Congratulations to the old man! (he's 33)

Ready To Face Off

In a rematch of the World Championships and the US Olympic Trials, co-world record holders in the 200 backstroke Aaron Peirsol and Ryan (sigh!) Lochte are headed into tomorrows final seeded 1-2.

Lover, I mean Lohte, has a very difficult double. After the finals of the 200 back he has one race until the final of the 200 IM where Michaels Phelps will be going for another win.

Good Luck baby!!! Youre gonna need it!

Still Talking Too Much!!

Rowdy Gaines just wont shut up!!! During the prelims of the 200 IM Gaines was still saying how all these races are probably taking a toll on Phelps. Gaines still doubts that Phelps can win 8. Im not guaranteeing that Phelps will win the 8 golds, but give me a better argument than, he's not prepared or getting tired!! So, here are my issues with this...
- This is the same person that said there is no way that the US could come back during the relay.
- This is the same person that thought Phelps was frustrated at how "hard the 200 fly hurt him" when in actuality he had water in his goggles.
- Giving advice on how Phelps should be swimming his races.

His ridiculous analysis isn't contained just to Phelps. He had moronic, insignificant, call outs about Aaron Peirsol and Natalie Coughlin as well. I notice he hasn't had much to say about Katie Hoff though.

If anyone knows how to contact NBC , let me know!!!

Yeah! More Diving

Since my favorite Russian diver isn't participating in the 3m springboard synchronized diving, Ill take an opportunity to expand your interest and knowledge in the world of diving.

Meet Alexander Despatie of Canada. He's competing in the 3m springboard synchronized diving competition with his "best friend" whom he hand picked. I bet!

How's The Hoff??

Beijing is proving to be a much better hunting ground for world record holder Katie Hoff. Of her four events thus far, Hoff has collected Bronze in the 400 IM and Silver in the 400 free. In addition she just missed the podium in the 200 IM and 200 Freestyle, with teammate Natalie Caughlin collecting Bronze in the 200 IM.

Congratulations are certainly in order! But is Hoff happy with her performance so far? As the former world record holder in the 400 IM, if she had done her best time she wouldn't have beaten Aussie Stephanie Rice who bettered Hoffs World Record by over a second. In the 400 Freestyle however, Hoff was just touched out for the Gold Medal. If she had gone her best time, she would have been on top of the medal stand.

Then there is the 200 distances, both competed on the same day. After an American record in the 200 freestyle that lead to a 4th place finish, Hoff returned to the pool an hour later to compete in the 200 IM finishing 4th.

Though she has not yet struck gold, Hoff is still posting strong times and winning medals.. Hoff still has the 200 freestyle relay and the 800 freestyle to compete in. While her disappointment in not winning gold is evident on her face after each race, hopefully she will focus on her accomplishments rather than her lack of hardware.

I Told You So!!!!

Im not one to say I told you so, but I think Rowdy needs help. Perhaps the Sportshag should be in the booth to be the voice of reason and the drama meter...since Im clearly more in tune to whats really happening.

Phelps verified that he swam the final of the 200 butterfly blind. On th start, Phelps goggles filled with water and he said that he could hardly see.

Hey Rowdy, youre such a drama queen. What the hell are you gonna do when those daughters of yours start dating? Youre gonna end up pulling those last two hairs out of your head.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And Of Course, Just Because!!!!!

For Those Unfamiliar With Mr Berens

Thought you might like to know...

Pardon Me, I Mean 11

Phelps and company take Gold in the 4x200 Free Relay. They broke the World Record by over 4 seconds and become the first ever to go under 7 minutes.

Joining Phelps in the final were Ryan "lots of love" Lochte, Longhorn Ricky Berens and Peter "PVK" Vanderkaay.

This is just unbelieveable! I mean the records are great but the photo op is priceless. It's like the GQ relay!

Iis Official!!!

Michael Phelps is officially the greatest Olympian of all time. He moved ahead of the likes of Carl Lewis and Mark Spitz with his win in the 200 meter Butterfly and hye broke his own world record by a .03.

He was not happy however. He hit the wall and immediately ripped off his goggles and cap and I noticed he was rubbing his eyes a bit. Rowdy Gaines commented that he thinks Michael was unhappy about how hard the race was to swim. That perhaps Phelps was unprepared for the toll that race and would take.on his body.

Are you on crack???? Michael Phelps not prepared for something? What rock did you crawl out from under? Will the real Rowdy Gaines please stand up?

Now I have no proof of this and Im just speculating, but I think Phelps swam that race with water in his goggles. For swimmers, thats the equivalent of swimming with one arm behind your back and he still kicked everyone's ass!!!

Congratulations Michael, the GREATEST OLYMPIAN IN HISTORY!!!

Momma's Boy

Debbie Phelps is AWESOME!!!! I say this because Ive seen what the parents of talented athletes can be like. What Olympic athlete is more gifted and / or a bigger star than Michael Phelps?

For as cool as the champion is before, during and after his races; it's great to see how nervous, excited and ultimately overjoyed his mother is for every race. Mom watches every race like it was his first age group meet. While the outcome of his races is all but decided before Michael even hits the water, his Mom watches as if each was his first...that the record setting 10 other Olympic Golds were nonexistent.

Mrs Phelps, you have done an amazing job!!! You're the only thing that could get the camera crew to take the cameras off the pool as your son sets yet another world record and earns another gold medal. Congratulations to you and your son on all of your collective achievements!!

More Credit!!

Credit Where Credit Is Due

After the US mens ridiculous comeback in the 4x100 Free Relay, all the talk was about Michael Phelps. Yes Michael broke the American record on the leadoff leg, but the team wasn't ahead going into the last leg. They were in second by 2 body lengths the the French.

What is constantly missing from all the acclaim is the name Jason Lezak. You know, the one who anchored the relay and gunned down Frenchman Alain Bernard the former World Record holder. Oh and did I mention the fact that Lezak had the fastest relay split of all time.

Michael, you are the best swimmer in history but you can thank Lezak for keeping the hopes of 8 gold medals alive!

A Little Introduction To Russian Culture

Id like to introduce you to Gleb Alperin. Hes a member of the Russian diving team. I don't think that there is really much else I need to say.

Diving or Something

So thats Sascha Klein. Hes a Diver from Germany who dove in the Men's Synchronized Diving in Beijing. I think he won a medal but Im not sure. Does it really matter? I mean honestly!

Just Because!!!

Diggin Deep In The Cradel

The US Men's (and I use that term loosely) Gymnastics Team limped onto the podium for the bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics. The ragtag group of alternates pulled off some of the best performances of their (very) young lives!! And I don't think any of them missed nap time either!

Phelps & Caughlin & Peirsol Oh My!!!!

Gold Medals, World Records and Olympic firsts were abound last night. First, of course Michael Phelps won the Gold in the Men's 200 Freestyle in World Record fashion. Peter Vanderkaay also was able to power home to take the Bronze. As a result of his win, Phelps is tied with Other Olympic greats such as Carl Lewis and Mark Spitz for the most Olympic gold medals by a single individual.

Longhorn Aaron Peirsol backed up his 2004 gold medal with a win and world record in the Men's 100 Backstroke. Peirsol held the previous record and has broken the World Record 5 times now. Fellow American Matt Grevers, all 6'8" of him :) raced home for the silver. It's the first race of the meet that the Americans have gone 1,2.

Natalie Caughlin is the first woman ever to win back to back (no pun intended) gold medals in the Women's 100 Backstroke. She did so in less than 59 seconds. This is the second time Caughlin has broken the 59 second barrier. Of course there is a little unfinished business.

Until the semis of the event, Caughlin held the World Record. Kirsty Coventry of Zimbabwe (and Longhorn Aquatics) broke the her heat of the 100 back. Although she won the gold, Caughlin didn't get the record back. Of course, there is the lead off leg of the Medley Relay to consider. You think maybe Natalie has thought of that?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shut The FUCK UP!!!!!

I have always been a fan of Rowdy Gaines commentary of swimming events. Im not sure what his problem is but he is soooooooooo negative!!!! During the prelims of the mens 400 IM he was knocking Michael Phelps for swimming too hard and wasting energy, saying Phelps may pull out a 4:05 in the final. Instead, Phelps blew everyone out of the water and awent 4:03 and some change. Now, he's all over Brendan Hanson saying that he's not having a good meet. Um, last time U checked, the only time that matters is the one in the finals. Previously Gaines has seemed like an encyclopedia of swimming but it almost seems like he has lost his grip. I understand that when he competed, 24 YEARS AGO, that things were different and he seemed to be keeping up. Now, however, I would say that he's lost his edge and ability to understand what a toll a prelim, semi, and final schedule can take both physically and mentally. As a result, new tatics and strategies are taken. Hey Rowdy, lighten up!!! It's only the first day and we have 4 medals already! Jack Ass!!

Just Because!!!

And They're Off

American swimming golden boy Michael Phelps and sportshag's favorite swimming hotty Ryan Lochte are through to the final of the men's 400IM

In addition, Larson Gensen broke the American record in the 400 free during his preliminary race.

I feel some World Records coming on. This is gonna be some fast shit tonight!!!!!


Not only did the US Women's Fencing Team take the first US gold of the games, they thought they would just go ahead and take silver and bronze as well.

Mariel Zagunis lead the American sweep Women's Saber Fencing. Zagunis was the gold medalist from Athens as well.

Gettin Up On A Tough Day

On a sad day for the US Volleyball community and the US Olympic Team in general, the US Women's Volleyball Team had to go out and take on a strong Japanese Team.

Playing with no doubt quite a bit of emotion, the women came through and beat the Japanese 2 games to 1.

Im glad I wasn't on the receiving end of some of that American power. Those bitches were CRUSHING that ball!!

This Is Not What This Is Supposed To Be About!!

The father of former U.S. Olympian Elisabeth Bachman and her husband, U.S. men's volleyball coach Hugh McCutcheon, was the victim of a deadly stabbing attack at a tourist site in Beijing on the first day of the Olympic Games.

Todd Bachman of Lakeville, Minn. was killed while his wife, Barbara, suffered "serious and life-threatening" injuries.

A Chinese woman serving as a tour guide with the Americans was also injured. The attacker then committed suicide by throwing himself off a 130-foot-high balcony of the ancient landmark the Americans were visiting.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Im Sure Tara Feels MUCH Better

The Following Is An Open Letter from Chuck Wielgus in Response to the Jessica Hardy/Tara Kirk Situation (8/7/2008) that was posted on

There is a great deal of misinformation being circulated about the situation regarding Tara Kirk. What has transpired over the past two weeks is incredibly unfortunate, and we must carefully evaluate what has happened to see what can be done to keep anything like this from happening again in the future.

For now, though, I'd like to try and set the record straight on a few items. First, none of this would have ever happened if Jessica Hardy had not tested positive for a banned substance. However, even when Jessica did test positive and was formally charged by USADA with a doping offense, she had the right to defend herself against this charge; remember, ours is a system in which you are innocent until proven guilty. Even after being charged, and throughout the time of her appeals process, Jessica retained her position on the Olympic Team. Subsequently, Ms. Hardy's hearing took place on July 31 and on August 1 she withdrew from the team.

Many people have suggested that at the time we knew that Jessica tested positive that we should have added alternates (including Tara Kirk) to the team. Unfortunately, the team selection procedures do not allow for the discretionary addition of alternates. If the procedures did permit this we would have immediately added Scott Usher (who finished in 3rd place at the Trials) as an alternate in the Men's 200 Meter breaststroke event in case it became necessary for Eric Shanteau to withdraw from the team and seek treatment for his cancer. As it was, and under the selection procedures, we were unable to add Scott as an alternate.

The procedures also clearly state that we were to submit our entries to the USOC by July 21 and that after July 21 no new swimmers could be added to the team. Furthermore, the procedures are very clear about what happens if an athlete withdraws from the team after July 21. If this happens, then a new swimmer is not added to the team, rather a member of the existing team is moved into that vacant event position and the selection of that athlete is based on which team member had the fastest time in that event between January, 2006 and July 6, 2008. So, if Eric Shanteau had to withdraw from the team after July 21 then Scott Usher could not be added to the team and instead the event position would have gone to Brendan Hansen, who finished 4th at the Trials, but who had the fastest time within the previously noted timeframe.

This example I have used is practically identical to the situation we faced with Jessica Hardy and Tara Kirk. In this latter case, however, two things have inflamed the issue: (1) Jessica's Hardy's positive test and the disrepute this brought to the sport; and (2) the notion that in our sport "the wall decides" and that if one of the top two finishers becomes ineligible then the vacated spot should go to the 3rd place finisher. As noted, however, Ms. Hardy did not become ineligible until August 1 and being that this was past the July 21 deadline there was no choice but to go to the "replacement" procedures to determine who would swim in the 100 Meter Breaststroke; and this was Rebecca Soni.

I hope this explanation is helpful. I realize that many people are very upset about this situation, but I also hope that those who are upset will try to understand the position that USA Swimming was in. While many people have suggested that I or others should have intervened and usurped the rules, this would have been completely unjustified and inappropriate. I have no doubt that we will be carefully re-evaluating the selection procedures following these Olympic Games and looking to make changes that will seek to eliminate similar problems in the future.

Another One Bites The Dust

Maria Sharipova will miss not only the Olympic Games due to a shoulder injury, but she has pulled out of the U.S. Open as well. This will be the first major championship she'll miss since her first Grand Slam in 2003.

In a posting on her Web site Friday she said that she probably won't need surgery and could be ready to play in two to three months.

"It hurts me so much to miss the Olympics and the U.S. Open, you have no idea," she said. "Just to type those words hurt!!"

Well at least the tournament will go faster this year and it should be a little quieter.

Strong Gene Pool

Dinara Safina of Russia easily handled unseeded Dominika Sebulkova of Slovakia in a 6-2, 6-1 victory at Uniprix Stadium on Sunday to win the Rogers Cup.

Sound familiar? Dinara is the sister of super tennis hotty Marat Safin. Or is it just Marat is drag? Perhaps this brother and sister pair are too much alike. Sweet baby.

Just Because!!!

And The Winner Is...

Former No. 1 Marat Safin ontinued his slow climb back toward the top of the rankings with a 6-3, 6-4 win over John Isner in the first round of the Countrywide Classic on Tuesday afternoon.

Clearly you can see why it was important to post this information.

Hope He's Not Fibbing

Since signing Brett Favre, the New York Jets released former starter Chad Pennington to clear salary-cap space for the former Packer superstar. Dont fret for Penny though.

According to about half a dozen teams already have contacted Pennington's agent to express interest in signing the eight-year NFL veteran.

But does anyone really believe an agent? Wasn't Penny out for most of last season with a shoulder injury? Im just sayn'.

Tonights The Night!!!

The Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics are tonight!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just Because!!!

Time Goes By, So Slowly

23 hours left until the Opening Ceremonies. For those of you who have always wanted to see me cry, this may be your chance. The Olympics is my one weakness!! But Im not promising anything.

Im Leavn' On A JET Plane

Favre has been traded to the New York Jets. F**k Green Bay. Now I can go see him play. Im sure the cost of tickets has skyrocketed with this news.

2 Of A Kind

Well, they aren't twins for nothing. Like his twin brother Paul, Morgan Hamm has pulled out of the Olympics with an ankle injury.

“I have been dealing with this for the last year, and it recently has gotten worse here in Beijing,” Hamm said in a statement. “Right now I am unable to perform my tumbling skills at the level that I need to. This has an impact on my ability to contribute to the team’s goals, and I believe by continuing I would be putting myself at further risk. There are two very capable athletes who can step in and help this team more than I can right now.”

Boy they're dropping like flys. Of course if it was Kerry Strug she would be performing on one foot.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Heart Break

It looks like the challenge is over. Jessica Hardy has withdrawn from the 2008 US Olympic Women's Swim Team due to her positive drug results from the Olympic Trials. Hardy still plans to challenge the result but more study of the samples is going to need to take place for her to refute the charges.

This just sucks all the way around! It sucks for her (as I said Im considering her innocent until proven guilty). It sucks for the girls that placed third in her races because it is too late for them to be added to the team roster. And it sucks for the US! The relays will be weakened by her absence. Im not sure who to be mad at but I sure am disappointed!

Git A Rope!

This makes me sick! Due to Antonio Pettigrews doping scandal and resulting admission, the International Olympic Committee has stripped gold medals from the U.S. men's 1,600-meter relay team that competed at the 2000 Olympics.

This man should be on his way to the nearest tall bridge. I can only imagine the disappointment the other members of this team must feel.